We build competitive products for innovative thinkers

We work to improve quality, increase efficiency and enhance your customer experience

Specializing in software development, web designs and branding

We are a leading company in Creative Web Design, Graphic Design, Software Development, Mobile Web Application Development and Search Engine Optimization with our customers in the driver seat.


  • We create custom designed websites with an excellent User Interface(UI) providing a better web experience to your customers.

    Our responsive designs are built to perform efficiently on every web platform and operating system and are SEO optimized during the process of creation, thus advancing you in Google search engine.

  • Creating a brand is easier when compared to sticking to it. We help you with not only where to communicate your brand message but also with how and what to deliver.

    We work with you to discover and define your brand and reconstructing who people perceive you to be. We will set the foundation of you brand with self describing logo.

  • We don’t limit the graphic design to your website only, we will also help you innovatively design attractive broachers, catalogues, business cards,

    flyers, stationary, logo and anything you are specific about for your existing or new company or product while maintaining your brand’s core believes.

  • Have a vision but not the computer background to bring it to life? That’s what we are here for.

    We will help you research, modify and prototype your vision and then develop it with customized framework to give you exactly what you want. Our disciplined engineering ensures you a better quality control of the development process.

Why Hire Us
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Fueled by passion

We are a company that has a purpose to succeed and work hand on hand with our customers but it’s our passion for software, design and creation that propels us.

Proven expertize

We let our work speak for itself. We believe in continuous learning and improving with each project we complete. Our company gives it’s best to your visions

Quality driven

We believe in providing you with what you ask and work with motto DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. We strive to surpass customer as well as industry expectations.

We keep it simple

We create complex and innovative designs but thrive to keep the process of it all simple but exicitng for you. Our experience provides us with the confidence for it.

Timely Execution

We work with the belief that best execution is timely execution as we brand ourselves with thought of your time as our time. This is one less thing you have to worry with us.

Constantly improving

As it’s said “There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself” and we are a company that does its best in most challenging situations.

About Epitome

Our work connects you with your vision and let you make them real. We create, design, develop and test then repeat the process all over again and improve while doing it.

We believe in great innovations but also in setting guidelines for various systems of society by reaching out ones in need as much as we can.

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Our Team

Gurjot Singh AtwalCEO

Gurjot Singh Atwal


Gurjot Singh Atwal was born on February 1st, 1992 in India and did his high school there. Moving Canada for his higher studies and studying at Simon Fraser University for Computer Engineering, he has experience as an IT Specialist and Web Developer. Driven and hard working as an entrepreneur, he co -founded Epitome Technologies.

Veekunth Arora


Veekunth Arora was born on July 21st, 1987 and did his high school and bachelors in India. He later shifted to Leicester, UK for Masters at University of Leicester. He is a mathematics aficionado and has been teaching calculus to students for 10 years now. Passionate about IT since early age, he co-founded the Epitome Technologies.

Veekunth AroraCTO
  • Testimonial
    I believe in failing repeatedly with my ideas until there is no scope for further improvement and then implementing them into an undeniably good reality.
    Gurjot Singh AtwalCEO, Epitome Technologies
  • Testimonial
    I believe in imparting the knowledge and good I have to the ones in need, thus making the world an educated web with unlimited opportunities for growth.
    Veekunth AroraCTO, Epitome Technologies

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Our work connects you with your vision and let you make them real. We create, design, develop and test then repeat the process all over again and improve while doing it.